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Application Forms

Please click on the appropriate link below to download the application form you require.

Senior Housing Application Form

Family & Special Purpose Housing Application Form

Applications are to be completed and returned to the Grande Spirit Foundation. All applications are assessed based on the need for housing with priority for the next available unit going to the applicant in most need. Only fully completed application forms will be processed.

Senior Housing Information


Refusing a unit:

If an applicant refuses the unit offered them three times, they will be placed on the inactive waiting list. This inactive waiting list would only be used if there was no one on the active waiting list. There are instances where a refusal is acceptable, which would include reasons due to a medical condition or if the unit offered was outside the community. In these circumstances, the applicant remains on the active waiting list.


The Grande Spirit Foundation will contact all applicants on the active waiting list once a year, at this time, a reassessment will be done if necessary. All applicants are encouraged to contact the Foundation at any time to update information for a reassessment.

Family & Special Purpose Housing Information


Refusing a unit:

If an applicant refuses the unit offered them, they will be placed on the inactive waiting list. This list would only be referred to if there were no applicants on the active waiting list.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you keep the Grande Spirit Foundation informed of any changes in your current contact information and financial situation. If you wish to have your application updated or wish to inquire about your application, you can contact the Family Housing office. If no contact is made after 6 months, the application will become inactive. If no contact is made after 12 months, the application will be removed from the waiting list.

Entry Criteria for Lodge Living

To live safely in our seniors’ lodges, a resident must be able to independently:

-         go to the toilet

-         feed themselves

 and independently or with scheduled supports:

-         get out of bed

-         get to the dining room

Residents that cannot be supported in our lodge setting: 

  1. Resident that is wandering or at risk of wandering and there is a safety risk that they will leave the building and get lost or not be suitably dressed for weather conditions. 
  1. Resident requiring more than a stand-by assist to transfer in and out of bed and/or to the bathroom. 
  1. Resident who demonstrates the need for unscheduled personal care assistance. 
  1. Resident with unmanaged/unpredictable behaviors that cause risk to him or herself, and risk or disruption to other residents, staff, or visitors in the lodge. 
  1. Resident with complex, unstable health care needs that cannot be met on a scheduled basis. 
  1. Resident who requires an RN/LPN for unscheduled health care needs. 
  1. Resident with unmanageable incontinence – incontinence supplies are not effective or are refused by the resident. 
  1. Resident that cannot feed themselves, or require a special diet that is beyond what the lodge can provide. The lodge can provide diabetic choices and cut up food. 
  1. Resident who after careful consultation with family, the resident, and the interdisciplinary team, are deemed to have needs that are beyond what is safely managed in the lodge setting. 
  1. Residents who require unscheduled medications (PRNs) assistance which cannot be met by the medication assistance program (MAP) or their family.